Monday, 19 February 2018

{RECIPE} Doggone Delicious "Chocolate Lab" Dog Treats

A wee nibble of "Chocolate Lab" anyone???  I couldn't resist sharing these dog shaped treats as our first recipe post of the Year of the Dog Any roll-and cut recipe (ideally, smooth if you're going to make a design on the treats as shown) can be used with the techniques below to make dog shaped treats or human cookies, but I couldn't get chocolate labs out of my brain when I was walking home with my newly purchased "had to have it" cookie cutter. I'm sure I'll make some speckled Dalmatians in the future. Hehehe. Dalmatians aren't such a common high-demand breed but they share a very similar body type so Labrador Retriever will do just fine for my Dalis.  I paid waaaaay more for it than I should have (shhhh...don't tell hubby) but I also got the instant gratification of putting it straight to use with no wait for delivery (can be quite a wait down here!).  If you prowl on line you can find tons of fun doggy shapes.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Resolutions for Making This a True Year of the Dog (or Dogs)

If you're a regular visitor to our blog and/or social media, you probably know our dogs are very loved and well-cared for but we can always do better! Since it's 2018, I've broken my reflections down into 18 ways to give your dog a happier and healthier life and I'm sharing some of my own shortcomings, learnings, and resolutions at the end of the post.  Let's invest time and energy to make this and every year that follows a better year for our dogs! :)

Monday, 12 February 2018

{RECIPE} Doggone Delicious Pancake Breakfast Dog Treats

Pancake breakfast in dog treat form? Yes please!  These treats combine the irresistible taste/scent of bacon (drool...) with creamy yogurt and a special splash of maple and cinnamon.